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Color is pure magic.


Painting is, by far, the most powerful way to alter and coordinate the look and feel of your home. 


Whether you're moving out or just moving in, Southfork Painting  will help your home realize its full potential.


Straight up bragging rights.


Well, that and our garage floor epoxy  coatings dry to the thickness of a sheet of paper and are twice as strong as the concrete they fuse to. 


They are also impervious to any oil stains and whatever other stains you care to pour on them. Soap and water clean up for a decade. That...and straight up bragging rights.


Great condition, but hate the wood look?

Replacing your kitchen cabinets can run upwards of $40,000.00.  Most of the solid wood cabinets we come across are still in great shape. When we're done, those ugly wood cabinets will look like factory installed new. No brush marks, smooth and durable. All at a fraction of the cost.


Your Deck called. It needs to be stained.


If your porch or deck has seen better days, give us a call.


Nothing compares to the natural beauty and craftsmanship of a real wood deck. Under all that grime is a beautiful deck.


Basic maintenance should include a yearly power-wash and a quality staining every few years. You can extend the life of your deck by decades using our services.  





Believe it or not, your siding isn't green.


Give us a day and we'll amaze you with just how dirty your steps, walkways and siding truly are.


Power-Washing a house is a twice yearly chore that often gets overlooked, but much like washing your car, it makes a world of difference.


Water stains? Chipping? Peeling? Worn out?

Underneath that old, worn-out floor is a beautiful, shiny, unblemished one waiting to come out. Whether its steps, handrails or the floor, we turn it all brand new. 

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